20 EXTERNAL (2002)

A two-part group exhibit that revisited one solo or two-person exhibiting artist from across twenty years of Artcite Inc programming. Presented in two consecutive parts, each show featured ten artists grouped within a non-chronological cluster according to the themes of their work. Each participating artist was invited to submit a representative work from their output from any time after their exhibition at Artcite Inc.. This major exhibition documented twenty works from a national perspective, tied neatly into a timeline of historical choices, a way of revisiting the past in a truly abstracted way. It also focused on the unique role Artcite Inc. has maintained within its community as a centre for creative research and development, hosting a diversity of artists working within the unique framework of the Canadian artist-run system.

:::::::::: 20 External v1.0 (May 24 – Jun 22) Featuring: Sylvie Bélanger | Susan Detwiler | Sadko Hadzihasanovic | David Hlynsky | Christopher McNamara | Ed Pien | Daniela Sneppova | Rod Strickland | Robert Wiens

:::::::::: 20 External v2.0 (Jun 28 – Jul 27) Featuring: David Acheson | Robert Coyle | Andrew Forster | Lee Goreas | Noel Harding | Jason Jones | Mark Laliberte | Ginette Legaré | Julie Sando | Carl Skelton | Marilyn Zimmerman