Detachable Music For A Collapsible Culture (1998)

Group exhibition at Detroit Artists Market
Curator: Mark Laliberte
Catalogue Essay: David Toop (London, UK)

Participating Artists & Works:

Christopher Bissonnette (CANADA) - "Demarcation", sculptural sound installation
Debra Bosio Riley (USA)
- "Silent Blue Soap", video installation: Several daytime soap operas are recut, colorized and digitally manipulated into a nonlinear puppet-like dance that is accompanied by an atonal piano score.
Ken Butler (USA) - "6 Hybrid Instruments", sculptural objects
Mark Cyr (CANADA)
- "Orgazmatron", machination / sculptural object
Dennis Day (CANADA)
- "An Illustrated History of Western Music" single channel video/1997/13 min: A loose adaption of so-called western musical genres with a flagrant homosexual bias. Offering little in the way of historical accuracy, this video invents both narrative and structure in what is ultimately a play on musical association, and a critique and celebration of gay culture.
Stella Haendler + Philipp Schmid (SWITZERLAND)
- "Combo" single channel video/1995/7 min/Betacam

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Direct MP3 download (1m35s excerpt from Chris Bissonnette's "Demarcation" soundtrack)